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What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the ability to understand and comprehend what is being said in the interactions that take place between a contact center and the customer or consumer on the other end of the phone. Interaction analytics is not only limited to speech, but also the ability to ingest and analyze chat, text, email, surveys, and any kind of interaction that takes place. The goal of this technology is taking big data, the millions and millions of words that are being spoken in the contact center every day, and synthesizing that down into meaningful actionable insights.

Speech Analytics Can Help You Listen, Interpret, and Take Action

At some point, we’ve all listened to “This call is being recorded for quality purposes.” But in a world where things are being analyzed from a manual standpoint, the likelihood that your call is actually being listened to is about 0.5%. Because when you think about it, if you’re doing thousands of calls a day, you can’t listen to and analyze thousands of calls a day. Speech analytics automates the process of listening to, interpreting, and then helping to take action on the insights from those calls.

Voice of the Customer Insights

Speech analytics includes everything that takes place in an interaction between you and the consumer. For example, what did the customer say about you, your products, your services, your processes, and so on and so forth? What did they think about your website? Did they like the color of the phone? Did they like where the buttons were? It’s the opportunity to understand virtually everything that your customers are saying about you. So it is the true tool for voice of the customer insights.

Speech Analytics Provides Compliance and Efficiency

The essence of this technology is the ability to deliver those insights in a meaningful, significant, and very expedient fashion. The calls that we’re taking today are being analyzed by the next morning and actionized, possibly the very same day. That’s the #1 reason to really love speech analytics is that it listens to all calls. Whereas on a manual process, you can be listening to probably less than 1% of calls, with speech analytics, you can have it listen to all of your calls based on categories of compliance, efficiency, and more.

Voice of the Employee

It’s equally important to note that, especially today, with the challenges that we’re all living in, analytics is not just being used for quality assurance and the voice of the customer, it’s also about the voice of the employee. You can analyze everything down to:

  • How they’re doing
  • How they’re responding
  • Are they being compliant
  • Are they adhering to the script or to the processes that an organization wishes to institute?

But it shouldn’t just be about the things the agents are doing wrong, we can also take speech analytics and use it to compliment and recognize when employees are doing a great job and hitting all of those critical KPIs. It empowers and enables a better form of human connection between the coach and the agent, whether it’s a quality assurance person or performance coach, speech analytics provides data for positive reinforcement.

Targeted Coaching with Speech Analytics

Speech analytics allows you to focus and really target specific areas. If someone is doing a great job with politeness, why talk to them about politeness? You can compliment them on it, but go on to the things that are really important to focus on. Speech analytics really empowers targeted coaching. By automating speech analytics and call scoring,  when you’re having that performance coaching discussion with that agent, you are doing targeted listening. So instead of having to listen to a bunch of manual calls, you can now flag the superlatives.

Empower Quality Assurance

In conclusion, what speech analytics does is automate the mundane and empower quality assurance. A well-defined speech analytics program like CallMiner with an excellent speech analytics team like RDI Sightline can make all the difference in the world. It’s not just having the technology in place, but having the really talented speech analysts artists, who can really take that information and those insights and turn it into valuable tools, to help both themselves from a self-performance improvement standpoint, as well as their customers in terms of feedback and guidance, to make the optimal business objectives.



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