Over the past 40+ years, we’ve identified
universal truths:

Truth 1

I don’t know what
I already know.

Multiple existing research projects may have information on the same topic. Those findings may span multiple years, and multiple business lines. RDI is experienced in distilling multiple sources into concise, actionable insights.

Truth 2

The whole is greater than
the individual parts.

There are always a few topics that never materialized into full-blown research studies. Maybe there were a few questions in one study and a few more in other studies. But there are a surprising amount of insights. RDI can uncover new insights that emerge when analyzing data across multiple studies.

Truth 3

Answers to your next
research question
may already exist.

There are topics that are difficult to research but there is information available in secondary research reports, competitor websites, press-releases, investor call transcripts, and other publicly available information. With a fresh and independent review, RDI can often reveal answers to your next research question.

Let RDI Help You
Uncover Your Insights

regardless of which truth you experience, RDI can help you by exploring the data and developing a single cohesive document which summarizes the available insights.

We help our clients get more out of their existing insights which allows better use of research dollars.