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How Can Speech Analytics Reveal What Your Customers Want?

Speech analytics can be used to identify best practices for your customer experience, and then give you the ability to socialize that. From a coaching perspective, once you’ve identified a challenge for an individual or group of individuals, you can have a coaching session with them and the opportunity, literally the next day, to measure how effective your coaching was to improve sales and give positive reinforcement. Speech analytics takes customer conversations and creates positive coaching experiences and positive customer experiences.

Analyze Customer Experience

Customer experience can be measured by the outcome versus the initial call itself. In fact, speech analytics allows companies and all users to analyze what is said, when it was said, how it was said—including the acoustics of the call, the emotion, and the level of agitation—and who said it, as well as the ability to distinguish between the speaking parties, and also, over what channel or channels it was said.

Measure Sentiment Across a Call

There are some great tools to measure sentiment across a call. A lot of Customer service calls are inbound and support-style calls. For many of these calls, the sentiment is not the best at the beginning of the call. What you really strive to do is measure sentiment at the beginning and how has it improves at the end; that’s what is considered a successful call. If a customer comes in on fire, saying “My widget doesn’t work”, but by the end they’re happy, saying “Thank you so much you fixed my issue”, we know we’ve won with that customer. So start early on looking at the call as a whole for a decent measurement. The most important measurement is how that sentiment changes over the course of the call.

“Ours is a little bit challenging because remember, one of our main lines of business is debt collection. Satisfaction can be a little bit difficult sometimes, because we are debt collectors. We are not always the person that you want to hear from. Our satisfaction meter is a little bit different for our servicing and just regular customer service lines of business, and that’s of course a focus that we have. Speech analytics has great built-in tools out of the box to measure for satisfaction that we can rely on for those areas. On the collection side, we tend to look at it in a different way, and we use CallMiner to drill down more for our specific business needs” Andrea Jaegerman, Director of Customer Experience at RTR

Text-based Analytics

With text-based analytics, you can also do emoji analysis now. How many times do you communicate to somebody on a text that’s 4 words and 12 emoji’s? Speech analytics gives you the ability to analyze text communication.

Interpreting Emojis & Sarcasm

However, one thing that is hard to detect with speech analytics is sarcasm. Sarcasm is really in the eye of the beholder. Emoji analysis is where different to interpret than what someone says versus the emojis they express. Emojis could be an indication of sarcasm. For example, “Oh, I’m so glad that happened 😲” would indicate that maybe the customer is not as happy as what you could be led to believe by simply the text analysis. With speech analytics, there’s a lot going on in terms of emotion analysis, and that’s really one of the big new frontiers for customer experience analysis using speech analytics. CallMiner technology is designed to help analyze sentiment analysis.

Speech Analytics for Coaching

Another way to uncover your customer experience is to identify top objections, and whether or not your customer service agents are providing the right rebuttal. That’s a combination of saying the right things after a customer says they don’t want your product. With speech analytics, you can work through the process of being able to count objections and then coach your agents to be able to know which rebuttals are best for which objections, and then you can use that data to map out who are the top agents. For example, if you know that Joe Smith is exceeding his sales, but you’d like to know what he is doing? What rebuttals is he using? What objections is he seeing and how’s he overcoming those? Speech analytics can be used to coach other agents up to Joe’s level, and that improves overall sales effectiveness.

Customer Loyalty Towards a Brand

Speech analytics can be used to measure overall customer loyalty toward a brand. It helps you to identify top call drivers, what products people are calling about, and what do you need to say to nudge the sale. Are there specific issues that agents struggle with? Are there other issues that you can do better on?

A speech analytics team like RDI Sightline can help interpret what your customers want by using tools to help influence your coaching and overall customer experience for your company and brand.


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