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How Can Speech Analytics Uncover Customer Insights for You and Your Clients?

Speech analytics empowers you, as a company, to be able to pivot with whatever’s happening. Many people can claim that they have speech analytics, but it’s not just having the technology in place, but having the really talented consumer insights team, who can take that information and insights and turn it into valuable tools. These insights can help both employee performance improvements, as well as your customers in terms of feedback and guidance to make the optimal business objectives.

Speech Analytics Provided Real-time Insights during COVID-19

COVID is a good example of how speech analytics can provide insights even during a pandemic. Speech analytics has been a tool to immediately search for pandemic-related discussions and see how customers were being impacted in real-time. Quickly listening to all those calls that were coming in, and within a few days, being able to have a call guide out to customer service agents with common scenarios and without having to guess because of speech analytics.

Customer Service Insights

If you are a client-facing organization, you may have a client that says things like, “We want to do this specific customer service option with these accounts. If you get a certain question involving this option, give them this phone number.” Manually, you’ll train your customer service agents, but then you’ll want to know if this training was successful and customer service questions are being handled properly. Are they giving out the customer service phone number? With speech analytics, you can immediately figure out who’s doing it correctly? Did the training make sense? Did it work? Who’s not following it, and who is?

“Our initial use of speech analytics was to uncover insights, and this is what I get excited about, finding out stuff that the client just doesn’t already know.” Chris Albert, RDI Sightline

Speech Analytics Can Discover Ways to Make Your Website More Efficient for Customers

One good example of how speech analytics uncovers insights is with client inbound work for the entertainment industry. Customers call your company, ask questions, and then book an appointment with you. Using a market research campaign, you can ingest their calls and analyze them to learn time and cost savings insights. For example, if your company is getting a lot of questions from customers, and almost every single one of them is already on your company’s FAQ section of your website then why are these people asking these questions?  These answers are probably easy to find? Using speech analytics you could uncover that your FAQ section on your website was hard to find and by making a simple website change you could answer a lot more questions online and get a lot less informational calls and become more efficient for your customer service agents.

Insights into Actions

Speech Analytics can prompt insights into action. Call Deflection is where you reduce call volume coming into your contact center. These insights can detect that a common topic is repeatedly being asked and it can highlight what the most frequently said words are each day or week or hour, and organizations like RDI Sightline can use those insights to identify hot topics.

Speech Analytics Can Uncover Support Issues

For example, speech analytics could identify if a client is getting flooded with password request support. These insights can provide feedback and options to understand what is happening. Has your system defaulted everybody to prompt for a new password and what action needs to be taken to resolve the issue? Should a flash pop up notification be put on your website so that when customers go to your website, it takes them to a prompt that says, “if you’re having a password question go here” or should your answering machine message be updated to say, “If you’re calling about a password reset issue, press one.” Speech analytics can help to change a crisis of call volume specific to password reset from 900 calls a day down to 30.

“I used to work for a call center that did mainly outbound calls, trying to find the right customers and talk to them about their accounts. But we also did some inbound calls, and inbound calls were like diamonds. Because we’re out there trying to call them and trying to get ahold of them, when a customer called us, we wanted to service that customer. However, our agents were reporting that they were getting inbound calls from a spam telemarketer with a pre-recorded message, and our dialer team was playing “whack a mole” trying to find out how to block these numbers from these telemarketers holding up our inbound lines. Using speech analytics, we were able to find where those calls were by listening—because they’re pre-recorded, so they’re very easy to find—and then easily produce a daily report to tracking these calls by using the language vocabulary that we built. We automatically added these number to our list to prevent them from the dialer end. There are a bunch of different strategies you can use to improve the process and ensure your agents are touching the right customers.” Carlos Enrique Ayala, RDI Sightline

Speech Analytics Supports Your Business Objectives

For call center customers of RDI Connect, the knowledge that our consumer insights team at RDI Sightline is supporting your business objectives and constantly looking at what your customers are saying, allows RDI to provide that guidance and feedback back to our clients. Speech analytics educates you to have better insights about what tweaks you may need to make. It could be product-related, it could be process-related; it could be any number of things. A well-defined speech analytics program with an excellent speech analytics team, like RDI Sightline makes all the difference in the world.

Having research, insights, and contact center experience has been critical for RDI. The way we look at data is different than other companies look at data. Speech analytics is the winning combination for winning smart.



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