Food retail market research

Food Retail Market Research Analysis: The RDI 6 Steps to Success

RDI uses a proven research system that evaluates your store’s current performance versus its potential performance. We turn this research into action by helping you to develop strategic and tactical plans that will drive shoppers to your store.

Evaluate Performance vs Potential

Understand the sales dollars of the shoppers that consider your store as an option to shop.

Understand the 8 Critical Factors

  1. Awareness
  2. Amount of Competition
  3. Type of Competition
  4. Your Reputation
  5. Strength of Competition
  6. Hot Buttons
  7. Demographics
  8. Population

Research & Identify “Low Hanging Fruit”

What are your missed opportunities? For example, if 78% of your loyal shoppers visit regularly for milk, why are only 69% purchasing from your meat department? These insights help you to focus on promotional efforts and drive sales throughout the store.

Identify Negatives & Positives

How does your store perform versus Total Competition? In evaluating the key areas of importance to your shoppers, RDI can help identify where to take action against your weaknesses and advertise your strengths.

Develop a TEAM Action Plan

Empower your store team by allowing them to have input into their own goals. RDI will provide the guidance and coaching on setting S.M.A.R.T goals.

Monitor & Measure Research Success

Research has shown that stores using insights and action planning increase scores year over year on key KPIs.

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