A data analytics loyalty and marketing company for more than 1,000 consumer-facing companies worldwide across all industries needed to increase the dealer base and usage of a financing program in the medical space through acquisition, education, and cultiva­tion of partner medical practices.


RDI leveraged its vast experience in the Business-To-Business industry to design and implement an end to end account management program. Through a partnership with an integrated practice management software partner, RDI was able to contact all potential financing dealers nationwide. Once new dealers were acquired, RDI provided the initial training on the financing program for the practices and provided an added layer of ongoing support and consistent information exchange to ensure that all participating practices were taking full advantage of all of the benefits available to them as partners.


  • Increase Participating Practices - Through its ongoing acquisition efforts, RDI was able to increase the number of participating practices from 79 originally to over 1,300 in a period of three years.
  • Sales Growth - As a result of the consistent cultivation of these acquired relationships, there was an increase in credit applications and credit sales on a per store basis.
  • Financial Impact - As a direct result of RDI’s efforts, the data loyalty and marketing company saw sales increase 60X from $683k in 2011 (Program Inception) to over $43 Mil­lion a year.
  • Webinar Training – Additionally, RDI facilitated over 1,000 webinar trainings for newly acquired dealers ensuring consistency of indi­vidual dealer’s results.